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Internal cameras


At EDT Security Solutions we understand how important it is for you to be able to give your home, family or business the protection it deserves.

Our range of internal CCTV cameras can provide unparalleled protection when installed as a stand-alone security measure or as part of a broader security system.  Cameras are a highly effective deterrent against intruders and are the very best way to help you monitor the security of your home or business whilst you’re away.  When a thief realises that CCTV cameras have been installed in a premises they are more than likely to go elsewhere as the risk of detection becomes too great.

We begin our CCTV installation process by carrying out a thorough assessment of your security needs and, in consultation with you, will then produce a plan of the most suitable locations for the security cameras.   As security experts we know how important it is to identify weak spots in the security of your home or business to ensure these areas receive adequate security protection.

We also offer a wide range of add-on security services, including digital video recorders, IP camera installation, network video recorders, covert CCTV systems along with remote viewing access, including via mobile phones.

Our excellent service goes well beyond the installation of cameras.  We also provide servicing and maintenance packages so you have peace of mind, knowing that your cameras will work reliably for years for to come.