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Domestic and Commercial Alarms

We can design a unique system that is tailored to the specific needs of your home and the way you live.

We select wire or wireless intruder alarm systems or a mix of both. Wireless alarms enable clean and tidy installation with no visible wiring around the home. Our wireless alarm systems are reliable with no interference from mobile phones, wireless broadband or other radio frequency, ideal if you think you’ll want to add to your system later on, and for listed buildings or interiors where the is a need to avoid cabling. Every system is simple to use and you can choose additional features such as one-touch operation, fire detection or activation reporting to your mobile phone.

We can add heat and smoke detection systems that give you early warning of the outbreak of fire, an effective alarm system can stop a small incident becoming a total disaster.

CCTV Systems can provide a cost-effective surveillance of your home and help to deter criminals, watch over your property and protect your family.

Our in-depth knowledge will make sure we achieve the right positioning to get the best possible coverage.

Having assessed your requirements we will select the best fixed cameras or fully functional cameras which can pan, tilt and zoom, or include security lighting depending on your needs.

In addition we can offer a wide choice of viewing and recording features to suit the size and layout of your property, Time lapse onto hard disk or continuous monitoring and recording of multiple images.