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Wired Alarms


At EDT Security Solutions we understand that having the right intruder alarm is vital for the security of your home and family.  This is why we have the capability to install a wide range of wired alarm systems, designed to suit properties of all sizes.

Wired alarms provide reliable security protection and peace of mind at an affordable price.  One of our trained staff will carry out a no-obligation assessment of your property to identify any weak points beyond the obvious windows and doors.  We will then advise you on the best wired alarm system to suit your home.

Our wired alarm systems are installed with the minimum of fuss and disruption.  EDT Security Solutions’ wired alarm systems are installed professional by our highly trained technicians to ensure that any wires blend in discreetly with the look of the interior of your home.

Our wired alarm systems can be installed in combination with a wireless system, depending on the size of your home and your security needs.  We also offer a number of additional security options suitable for installation with wired alarms including security lighting, CCTV cameras and entry access systems.

A wired alarm system can give you security and peace of mind, whilst protecting your loved ones.  EDT Security Solutions specialise in reliable, unique security systems with options to suit your specific needs.