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Infinite Prime Alarm System

£425 inc VAT

includes Wireless Telephone Dialler


The Wireless Infinite Prime System is ideal for installation in homes that are unsuitable for wired systems. Flooring or the layout of a property can make wired alarms difficult to install which is why we recommend the Infinite Prime System. This comprehensive system meets the latest EU regulations governing the 800Mhz frequency band and includes an integrated telephone dialer which will contact you if the alarm activates. The Wireless Infinite Prime System also includes an Infinite control panel, 3 x Infinite PIRs, 2 x surface door contacts, a key fob which can be used for setting the system and as a panic button, 1 x Texecom Odyssey 3e bell box, a decoy bell box, battery back-up, an Infinite bell module and a built-in telephone dialer.

1 x Infinite Control Panel This can be located near your entry point or out of site if a wire free key fob is added.
3 x Infinite PIRs These are used to protect areas such as lounge, kitchen and landing etc.
2 x Surface Door Contacts These are fitted to your external doors.
1 x Key Fob Allows the system to be set and unset. it also acts as a panic button.
1 x Texecom Odyssey 3e bell box This is a 109dB Polycarbonate bell box complete with it's own strobe and battery back-up.
1 x Decoy Bell Box> This is located externally, usually to the rear of the property (not shown).
>1 x Battery Back-Up This will normally run the system for up to 8 hours.
1 x Infinite bell Module This unit wires into the mains supply and is connected to the bell box.
1 x Built in telephone dialer This unit can dial 3 telephone numbers of your choice.