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Day and night vision


If you’re considering having CCTV cameras installed in your home or business, you’ll understand how important it is that those cameras are effective 24 hours a day – not just in broad daylight.  At EDT Security Solutions we install a range of CCTV cameras, including those designed for clear, effective night and day vision.

Day and night vision cameras provide unbeatable security protection and a highly effective deterrent against thieves and intruders.  Our cameras offer discreet yet efficient protection and we have options suitable for both internal and external installation.

Over recent years the technology behind day and night vision cameras has improved dramatically.  It is now possible for us to install cameras that offer clear, long range vision around the clock.  Day and night vision cameras provide colour images of footage filmed during the day, whilst the infra-red images filmed during the night are in black and white.

We offer customers a wide range of additional CCTV options including digital video recorders, IP camera installation, network video recorders and remote viewing access which is now possible via a mobile phone.
For further information on the benefits of installing unbeatable CCTV security protection, why not contact EDT Security Solutions for further advice?