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External cameras


External CCTV cameras are one of the very best ways to give your home or business excellent security protection.  As security specialists, at EDT Security Solutions we understand how important it is to protect your loved ones or valuable business premises from intruders.

CCTV cameras are one of the most effective deterrents available – when thieves see CCTV cameras they are likely to go elsewhere as the risk of detection becomes too high.  Our CCTV camera systems are suitable for installation on buildings of all sizes and types.

Our installation process starts with an initial consultation with you and a thorough assessment of your premises and its individual security needs.  We know that no two properties or businesses are the same which is why we’ll take great care to find the best system to suit you.

Our external CCTV cameras can either be installed as a stand-alone security measure or in conjunction with internal cameras and/or an intruder alarm system.   We also offer additional services including 24 hour support alongside servicing and maintenance packages.

EDT Security Solutions’ clients can also benefit from digital video recorders, IP camera installation, network video recorders, covert CCTV systems and remote viewing access which can now be carried out via a mobile phone.

At EDT Security Solutions we understand that every home and business has different security needs.  Why not contact us today for further information on how our external CCTV cameras could help you protect your home or business?