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Audio and video intercom systems


Audio and video intercom systems are a really effective way to increase the security of your home or business by controlling caller and visitor access.   At EDT Security Solutions, we’re specialists in a wide range of security systems and can install several different types of audio and video intercom systems.

Audio intercom systems can be used in a variety of locations.  Ideal for controlling access to the perimeter or entrance of your premises, they can also be useful for internal privacy in buildings, for example in larger offices or schools and colleges.

Video intercom systems provide an increased level of security and are a reliable and effective way to vet visitors to your home or business.  For unbeatable peace of mind, video intercom systems can be installed to the interior or exterior of your premises – our team of trained technicians will be able to offer further advice on the best intercom system for your needs.

Please contact EDT Security Solutions for further advice on how intercom systems could help you protect your loved ones or business.