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Gate access systems


A gate access system is a reliable and effective way to protect your home or business premises from unwanted callers or intruders.  At EDT Security Solutions we are experts in a wide range of security systems and are able to install a variety of effective gate access systems.

There are various different types of gate access systems available and our team of technicians will be able to offer advice on the most suitable for your premises.   Telephone entry systems offer an unparalleled level of security and are a highly effective way to protect the perimeter of your property.  Card reader access systems are ideal for business use whilst key code access gates are ideal for use in various locations.  For increased security we are also able to install video entry gate access systems.

When used either as a stand-alone security measure or as part of a comprehensive security system, gate access systems are an excellent way to provide protection for your home or business premises.

For further advice on increasing the security of your home or business, please get in touch with EDT Security Solutions for specialist advice.