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Security Lighting - Dusk to dawn


Security lighting is a highly effective way to deter intruders from your home or business premises.  At EDT Security Solutions we can install a wide range of dusk to dawn lighting systems, designed to provide your property with around the clock protection.

Our team of skilled security technicians can offer advice on the best locations for security lighting – lights that have been badly positioned can be almost ineffectual – we know how important it is for security lights to be fitted where they can be as effective as possible.

As the name suggests, dusk to dawn lighting is designed to come on at dusk and then off again at sunrise so your property is protected during the night when it is at its most vulnerable.  Because dusk to dawn lighting works automatically, they give extra peace of mind as there is no need to remember to switch them on when you go to bed or out in the evening.

Effective as a stand-alone security measure or when installed alongside a complete home security system, dusk to dawn lighting is a great way to protect your home or business from unwanted visitors.

For further information on our dusk to dawn lighting systems, please contact our team today.