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We Design, Install, Maintain and Upgrade Intruder alarm, CCTV and Access control systems in Domestic and Commercial premises across the North of England.

To make sure you get the right security system for your needs, and not a one size fits all package email us or call 01274 551520 now to arrange your FREE, NO OBLIGATION SECURITY SURVEY.

CCTV Alwoodley

CCTV Alwoodley

Nobody wants to be the victim of theft and the sense of invasion and intrusion to privacy can leave a feeling of vulnerability and fear that will last a lot longer than the duration of a break-in. As such, CCTV systems are rapidly becoming a normal part of everyday life and an important weapon in the fight against crime to protect either your business or your home.

Whilst the installation of security cameras within your home might seem excessive, there is no question that they will play a huge part in deterring thieves from it. In fact, it is highly likely that a CCTV camera alone will be enough to convince a prospective thief to go elsewhere, since the risk of being caught is prevention alone. For the most effective CCTV Allwoodley can offer, contact EDT Security Solutions.

EDT Security Solutions are without question, one of the most reliable and reputable installers of CCTV Allwoodley has available and we can provide a vast range of security systems for both domestic and commercial use. Alarms, motion detectors, security lighting and CCTV cameras and recording equipment are just some of what we can provide and we will always endeavour to advise and design a security system to suit your specific requirements.

EDT Security has been serving the North of England since 2005, helping customers to install the most superior CCTV Allwoodley has available. We offer a free, no-obligation security survey of your property to discuss any questions or concerns that you might have and to ensure that we design and recommend the best possible system for your needs.

There are numerous CCTV options available and much will depend upon your property and specific requirements. For some properties, a fixed camera may suffice, but for others, cameras that tilt, zoom and pan might better serve the required security measures. Regardless of your particular needs, EDT can advise and provide a solution, to include joystick-controlled cameras, high-speed dome cameras, and even cameras with low-light capabilities, as well as multi-image viewing.

As part of our initial security survey, our trained experts will determine the most beneficial locations for your CCTV security cameras. The proper positioning of these is absolutely vital and should never be underestimated in order to ensure a full and clear view of all vulnerable areas on site and make sure that there are no blind spots.

Here at EDT, we are fully aware that time is money. Your time is valuable and our friendly and helpful team will schedule your installation at a time to suit you. Whether you require our engineers to install your CCTV system in an evening or even over the weekend, our promise is to ensure that your convenience, not to mention your security, is never compromised.

As specialist providers of both wired and wireless security systems, EDT can provide the perfect CCTV security system to suit your specific property and personal preferences. Contrary to popular belief, signals of a wireless system will not be interfered with by other signals and we can even integrate the cameras and digital recorders with your LAN or WAN so that you can view your home or property over the internet, even when you are away from it.

EDT Security provides an exceptional service that does not end when the installation is complete. To the contrary, you will receive a fully comprehensive servicing agreement that includes digital video recorders, IP camera installation, network video recorders, covert CCTV systems and remote viewing access.

Here at EDT Security, we can provide you with the most comprehensive CCTV systems Allwoodley has available and will help you to protect your property to the best of your ability.